"Do not assess the cost of service, simply by the amount of time the technician spends at your hquote closeome or business. "

The time it takes your physician to produce a medical diagnosis and prescribe a treatment wouldn’t be doable without having his numerous years of education, his continuing research to help keep abreast of most up-to-date health-related breakthrough discoveries, and his expense of keeping an properly equipped and staffed locations of service. You spend for his expertise and proficiency including a share of his expense of carrying out business-not just for the handful of minutes he gets to spend with you.

In the same way, the charge for delivering skilled service within your residence can not be determined entirely on the time it takes the contractor to complete the repairs.

An experienced service organization’s expenses begin with all the salary with the expert contractor who delivers the service. This cost will be the very same regardless of whether the contractor doing the repairs in customers’ homes, traveling appointments, or participating in training courses to improve his capabilities . What’s additional, given that a technician commonly takes less than fifty percent their time within customers’ homes, his company’s expense for each and every hour within your property is noticeably higher then the technician’s per hour earnings.

All factors taken into consideration, the expense to a service company; except for the technician’s time on the job-site could be similar for a straightforward job of replacing a fuse as it may be for a complicated job.

When you find yourself pleased with the work that was done, but still are concerned about the fairness of the expense, after considering the seemingly less visible, but very real expenses talked about earlier. Generally, all that’s required to obtain an acceptable explanation or perhaps an adjustment if your are justified, is to just ask.

Specialized Training

Lectures & Course Refreshers

Truck maintenance, gas, oil, tires, etc.

Test Equipment

Travel Time

Trucks (ladders, etc.)


Warehouse, shop, and office rent

Stock of replacement parts

Light, heat, phone

Service management – Administration

Office Equipment

Business expenses – (ie.advertising)

Employee benefits

Computers and office help

Stationary, office supplies, and stamps

Taxes, social security, unemployment

Insurance – workmen’s compensation

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